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Do we design the website as part of the corporate identity?
or do we design the website to raise the reputation of the company?

The answer to these questions is yes, but the most important thing of all is the appearance of the website on the search engines. When the website appears on the search engines, expect an increase in sales.

When you increase the appearance of your website on search engines, expect also an increase in visits to your website, which means an increase in sales if your website is suitable for the customer. In other words, we provide the best SEO service in Jordan.

More than 15 years of web design and development experience in Jordan and Saudi Arabia


When we perform SEO services in Jordan, or as it is search engine optimization, we initially study the current website of the customer and identify the most important search words suitable for the customer’s work. We also study the competitors who provide the same work as the customer. In short, we must understand what users are looking for on the Internet, users who are looking for answers to what is on their minds.

We rewrite the content so that it answers the questions of users on the internet. The speed of the website plays an important factor in the appearance of the website on the search engines. You must also make sure to use SSL protocol, which will add to the website a security favorable by the algorithms of the search engines. Google advises to ensure the compatibility of the website with all of its pages with all smart devices, which is called mobile-friendly. We do the internal SEO improvements to the code of the website, and in the last stage we move to external SEO, meaning that we study the appropriate types of backlinks suitable to the client’s work. We publish the website link to effective websites in order to increase the chances of appearing on search engines.

Is SEO Important?

Although paid advertising and social media platforms are able to bring more visitors to your website, most of your online traffic comes from search engines. Not only that, Organic Search results appear to professional researchers more reliable and get more clicks than paid ads. As of the search results shown to users in the United States of America, users click on only 2.8% of paid results. Browse the Forsa website.

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